Getting Excited About a Story


It’s been too long since I got excited about a book.

Do you know what I mean? I’m not talking about interest: there are plenty of books I’ve been interested in. There have been books I enjoyed. Books I looked forward to, or was curious about.

But what I’m talking about is excitement. That consuming need to know what happens next in a story. To know more about these characters I’ve developed a relationship with. To find out what happens to them. The kind of excitement that inspires compulsive reading.

Why do we get excited about a story? It probably has to do with a lot of different factors, and mostly just hinges on personality. A great plot can inspire excitement; great characters; great beauty.

Why don’t we get excited? Maybe we’re distracted. For instance, right now I’m really excited about a tv show. I’m desperate to know what happens next, and impatient to see the next episode. Could that be spoiling a story?

Or maybe its just story exhaustion. Reading a couple of books a week could have made me uninterested.

Oh well. On to the next book. Maybe that’ll be the one.


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