Redshirts by John Scalzi


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We’re all the hero of our own story. That’s just how each of us operates.

But what if we weren’t? What if we were just a background character, our complex web of history and motivation all designed solely so that we could dramatically be killed off by random craziness? And our death would have no meaning, save the effect it had on the overall narrative, a narrative that made little sense and had little emotional impact?

That’s what “Redshirts” is about: those background characters in all your favorite TV shows. The intersection between fiction and reality. What would happen if the creative process of TV shows was replicated in real life.

And it’s bloody awesome. The characters have just enough snark and sense of humor about the situation to make them believable and super-entertaining. They become freaking genre-savvy to their own plot over the course of the novel–it’s freaking amazing!

If you have ever watched a Star Trek movie or episode, or Stargate, or really television in general, you’ll adore this book. I know I did.


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