First Contact: Hollywood


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This book is “exactly what it says on the tin”: aliens arrive to make first contact with humans, and decide the best way to do so is by getting a talent agent.

Makes sense, when you think about it. World culture orbits Hollywood (and Bollywood to a lesser extent).

And these aren’t your typical aliens. They know about our culture through constant re-watching and endless study of TV and movies. At one point, a character is called a stowaway. This triggers the response “Argghhh! We’ll have ye walking the plank!” From an alien. The stowaway in question pronounces “This is not what I expected.

Seriously, aliens making Star Wars references. Not to be missed. Also, they have a wicked sense of humor.

So, aliens get an agent to get them the role of friendly interstellar travelers. What the hell does the agent do?

Trials, tribulations, MASH-quoting aliens: fun awaits.


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