Life After Life


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What if we could change our fate?

Well, fate itself suggests immutability. But if we were changing the trajectory of our days without understanding what we were doing, could we tell the difference?

Ursula, the protagonist of “Life After Life,” demonstrates exactly that principle. Born again and again. The novel returns, without explanation, to the day or her birth again, and again, and again. Death is an old friend in this novel, a welcoming darkness. Death just means it’s time to start over, to find out what will happen this time.

But why? That’s the question that follows the reader, through the pages and pages, life after life. And it’s the question that slowly grows in Ursula.

Might that question be beside the point? We all know the destination. The darkness at the end of life isn’t a surprise: we all know we will meet it someday. There are so many things we can be, so many lives we can live.

It’s a gorgeous book, intertwined with the history of the continent and the strange topography of a single soul.images (12)


2 thoughts on “Life After Life

  1. Book Blather says:

    I actually like the cover without the rose best – what about you?

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