This Book IS Full Of Spiders

So, spiders do not crawl out of the book into your brain, I’m happy to report.

Unless…they’re invisible. In the book, only two of the characters can ever see them. No one else even notices the spiders are there, until they burrow into their brains.

But sometimes they don’t notice, either. Sometimes it’s just a little one, and it enters and you don’t notice. Not until you realize you can’t feel your teeth. Or your tongue doesn’t feel right. Your mouth isn’t yours.

But I’d notice that, right? Except…sometimes they enter through other body parts. And you also don’t notice.

Nah, I’m just being paranoid. There are no invisible parasites adjusting their grip on my brain. They will not tear my face apart on their way out. I will not sprout extra limbs. And I am certainly not about to become Patient Zero in Project Zulu,

just because someone told me “this book is full of spiders” and I was dumb enough to open it and keep it open, with my face right up close to it, for hours…


Somewhere, Darwin is smoking a pipe and smiling with satisfaction.


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