Having Enough Book-Space

  • “If you have enough book-space, I don’t want to talk to you.” ~Terry Pratchett


6a00d83451584369e200e54f66d1618833-800wiI’m working on a project. A big project. A dust project.

I’m cataloging.

There’s this lovely little app I found that lets me keep a list of all my books in my pocket. Given that I’ve come across almost a dozen double of my books, I figured this was a good idea.

So into the piles of books I’ve gone. Through obsessions from high school, from pre-adolescence (Star Wars, way more healthy than Twilight), through television studies and murder mysteries and complete set series I got for Christmas when I was 12.

I’ve been sneezing a lot. I’ve run across books I forgot I owned, or I forgot I read, or that I spent an hour looking for six months ago.

It’s wonderful. I’m mostly done. Staying up as late as it takes.

I need another couple of book shelves. I’m working my way through the stacks, one of which was as tall as I am.

Okay, I admit that’s not saying much. But still.

Once more unto the breach.



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