When Books Just Aren’t Catching Your Interest


It’s not that the books are bad. Many of them are well written, interesting plot, strong characters, the whole shebang. It isn’t that they’re good but boring, like Proust. And it isn’t that I’m depressed or anything, because I checked and I”m not.

In the last four days, I’ve started and abandoned about a half a dozen books.¬†Nothing’s doing it for me.

So what’s going on? Maybe it’s just that I’ve been crazy busy, trying to get 12 things done at any one time.

Or maybe it’s the genre. I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but I get obsessed with certain genres as certain times. Sci fi and fantasy. Memoir. Victorian chick lit.

Today, I think it’s travel. I’ll be back!


2 thoughts on “When Books Just Aren’t Catching Your Interest

  1. paul269 says:

    Great post! This certainly happens to me from time to time. There are times when reading is just like hard work. Then all of a sudden the fun seems to come back.

    Although some times it is just a run of books that do not click and probably never would.

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