Oh Dear Author, I Remember Why I Love You

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There are very few authors out there who are universally good. EVeryone writes a bad book now and then. Early stuff usually sucks. Some things are best forgotten.

So it takes a really, really talented writer to be good all the time.

This isn’t about one of those writers.

This is about a writer who is good most of the time, but falls flat the rest of the time. Connie Willis.

She writes these big, long amazing books. But go back to her earliest stuff, and she’s pretty unimpressive.

So I made my way through her recent stuff, but then when I made my way through the backlog, I got discourage. I abandoned a book or two. I left unread novels gathering dust on my shelf.

So when I opened up her collection of short stories last night, “Impossible Things,” my expectations were low. I certainly didn’t expect to howl with laughter and shout at characters in the story “Even the Queen.” Apparently Willis got tired of being berated for not writing about “women’s issues” enough, so she wrote about the most womanly issue of all: the curse.

It was great. I remember why I love her now. If anyone needs me, I’ll be buried under a pile of doorstopper time travel books!


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