Going on a trip? Buy a book at a landmark


It’s a cold, rainy afternoon in Hannibal, Missouri. Why am I here? The only reason anyone would ever go to Hannibal: it’s Mark Twain’s hometown.

So, I’ve got a thirty minute stopover, and I don’t want to be outside ’cause it’s freezing. What do I do? I spend a week’s income (I’m very poor) on Mark Twain books.

That’s what I do at every birthplace, every archaeological site, every everything I go to: buy a book.

There’s a lot of good reasons to do this.

1) There are books you can only get at the site, expert works and such

2) the money you spend on the outrageously overpriced books goes to support the site, which probably needs the money, and you can feel better about dodging the “voluntary donation” box

3) ‘Cause when you buy a book about boyhood on the street Mark Twain was a boy on, it’s not like buying it somewhere else. It’s special. It’s cool. It’s unique. And everyone should do it.


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