The. Best. Audiobook. Ever


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I’m not a big one for listening to books. I like some nice turning pages, a musty smell, paper cuts. But when driving long distances, needs must, so I got hold of the audiobook of World War Z.

It’s amazing. It’s better than reading the book. It’s better than reading most books published today.

The concept of the novel is to take on the idea of a zombie plague as an actual experience, and to look at the various way we individually, as a nation, and as a species, would react to an actual zombie apocalypse. The result is uncannily realistic, as Brooks effortlessly switches voices and characters, running around the world and creating a chorus of magnificent voices.

And with the audiobook, that chorus comes to life.  Actors voice each individual character. The accents are real, the stories sound even more real.

It’s magic. It’s fiction that reads like the most exciting history book ever. It’s frightening in it’s intensity, and it’s drama, and it’s realism.


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