It’s not a travel book. It’s not a memoir. It’s a love story.

9781840240566The key to many books is to understand what they are. And “Yadav,” by Jill Lowe, is a love story.

It’s about a woman whose life has been a glorified train wreck, coming to a country where everything is different. Sometimes we come to understand ourselves better through travel, but sometimes we come to make ourselves anew. Lowe did a bit of both.

This book isn’t about India: It’s about an Indian man. Yadav, a man whom Lowe loves in spite of his flaws.

Lowe’s clearsightedness is what makes this book different: she does not skimp on the bad along with the good. The wonderful food is followed by attacks of dysentery in fields. People come in shades of good and bad.

It’s a twilight years love story.


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