On The Pleasures and Solitudes of Quiet Books

images (19)Excerpt:

Some years ago, before my first novel found its eventual home, several editors in a row said the book was “too quiet.” I was told at the time that this was just a euphemism for “no obvious marketing angle,” but I found it interesting to consider the idea that some novels are quiet, whereas others are loud.”

This essay is amazing. It’s a piece of readerly analysis that is just splendid, as she decodes the way books integrate themselves into our lives.

The categories aren’t exact, but haven’t we all craved plot driven, explosive novels at some points, and quiet meditations on life at other times? If I’d just read this essay earlier, I wouldn’t have struggled so much this summer with so many abandoned books. I had so much trouble figuring out what to read, when all I needed to do was gravitate toward loud books and accept that quiet books weren’t going to cut it just then.

So go read the article!



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