A book, like a song, stuck in your head

Most of the time, you put a book down, walk away, and probably never think of it again. A lot of stories are like that; fun while they last, but transitory, fleeting.

And then, sometimes, there’s a book that haunts you. A book whose last line echoes in your head for days. When you remember it, you feel a gut reaction, as the ghost of the emotional reaction it drew from you gently flutters its wings.

That’s a beautiful book. A beautiful story, with an ending as wonderful as its beginning (no mean feat). That’s what happens at the end of One Hundred Years of Solitude.

7131685-L one-hundred-years-of-solitude-ii


One thought on “A book, like a song, stuck in your head

  1. Laure Nermel says:

    This book is marvellous. It was my first entry in magical realism and South-American literature. I just adored the combination of fantastical elements (ghosts, dreams) with everydaylife events. I highly recommend you ‘The House of Spirits’ by Isabel Allende, it’s the same type of atmosphere.

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