How Depressed is too Depressed? “This Town” and Washington Culture

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Yeah, this book will make you mad. Really mad. There are piles of government abuse. There are elected officials pulling all kinds of crap. There is gossip galore: everything you need to convince yourself never to join the Senate or the House, and that all your idealistic friends who moved to Washington will soon either surrender or become the beast.

But this book is about more than people and gossip. It’s about what happens when people participate in and create a culture. The culture that encompasses the privileged of Washington DC (and only the privileged) is one in which accountability is nonexistent. You can’t do anything so bad it will not be forgiven. You can’t say anything so ridiculous people will dislike you. And everyone agrees not to ask anyone tough questions.

If this were Hollywood, or some “banana republic,” it would be funny. There would be crazy hijinks. But this is the seat of power of perhaps the most powerful government on earth. These people are participants in a culture whose effects ripple out to literally BILLIONS of people. It’s wrong, it’s morally reprehensible, and as a globally minded citizen it’s frankly embarrassing.


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