An Unexpected Journey of Fun


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Do you know what’s engraved on every single weapon in the “Hobbit” movies?

Did you notice that each tiny region and family unit in “Hobbit” has its own accent? That there are several family units among the 13 dwarves, and they all have perfected their accents to sound alike? That they can all pronounce dwarvish–which they never speak on screen–perfectly?

Yeah, I bought the Desolation of Smaug “official movie guide.” And you know what? It was awesome. Sure, there’s the trivia–a lot of Orcs are stuntwomen, and James Nesbitt’s entire family was cast in “Smaug,” including his daughters as Bard’s daughters.

But more fun than that is the insane level of detail poured into every single piece of stuff that appears on screen for as much as a second or two. Have you been paying attention to everyone’s ears? Well, there are people who have. There are people who do nothing every day but keep ears in good condition. There are refrigerators in New Zealand where sandwiches sit next to boxes of pointy ears.

There are subcultures in a production as big as “the Hobbit,” and the level of work in every single frame of those movies is massive. And it’s delightful to read about.


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