Guilt, Memory, and What In The Hell Is With This Title?


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We all face our demons eventually, no matter how far we run, because wherever we go we take them with us. We can stay in the same place our whole lives, or we can run to the other side of the planet. It won’t matter.

This absurdly named novel is about two sets of “twins”: a pair of conjoined twins who are part of a freak show for their deformity, and two men who loved the same woman in South Africa. There’s hate running deep in such close relationships. There’s pain that only Chris Abani could make us understand.

We’re all human, no matter whether we have a distorted mockery of a human body attached to our stomach, or we committed crimes against humanity. Everything we do, whether it is torture or salvation, is inescapably human. So in the end, every human has to face themselves, and the people who love them.

But seriously, what publisher came up with this title?


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