Tales from Rugosa Coven

tales from rugosa

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We all know that there are Wiccans around. Not only Wiccans, but a whole variety of pagans and “new age” believers, integrating everything from Atlantis to Stonehenge into their beliefs.

In this novel, the magic is real. The crystals are real, the auras are real, the tarot cards are 100% real. Magic is hiding in plain sight.

This book won the Mythopoetic Award for 2015, and I think it did so because of the ordinary way it integrated magic into the real world. Witches struggle with OCD and mixed-religion marriages, with bad parenting and divorce, with abusive husbands and marital strain–and at every turn, there is magic.

The witches of Rugosa Coven aren’t some secret society, and there are no cabals of magic ruling the world. These witches are obvious suspects like the local fortune-tellers, and they’re surprises like the PTA dad. It takes all sorts, and some of those sorts are live lives brimming with magic.


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