The Moon King

moon king

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This one was a bit hard to swallow, I have to admit. Technology beyond understanding holds in place a moon, orbiting very close to a city and exerting an emotional and physical effect on the city’s inhabitants. At the full moon, everyone has a big orgiastic party. At the dark moon, everyone sinks into despair and hate, murders and rapes are committed–and the city itself buckles, rusting and breaking, fruit spoiling, meat growing mold.

The novel follows three people–the vessel of the current Moon King, the daughter of a woman who fancies herself the Moon Queen, and a policeman archetype. The book at first appears to be a straight science fiction, but magic works its way in through the cracks and seeps through the novel.

The book purports to be about the struggle to tame nature, and about the tension between progress and conservatism (not political, that). Other themes work their way in and are frustratingly left hanging: male vs. female, belief and what it creates.

In the end, I think the reason I had real trouble was my frustration over the connections between the characters. They are all clearly supposed to be connected, but I had trouble understanding the full connection. Maybe it’s just because I read it too fast, but it felt like it fell into the classic trap of endings: the final piece wasn’t as well knit together as the excellence of the first few hundred pages promised. Things that should have been a bit more explicit were left obscure, the roles of certain plot elements were left open. But maybe that was just how it had to be to reach the final ending of the moon.


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