Many Waters


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My overwhelming reaction to this book is “What the hell?”

The first three books in this series were beautiful. They took place in a universe that clearly had its own set of laws. Those laws carried over from book to book.

I seriously have no idea if the laws in this book had anything at all to do with the laws in the other book. This book is wacko. This book goes from God being a distant and largely abstract figure to being a merciless Old Testament creation. It tries to work the theory of evolution in with a Biblical timeframe (Noah and his family are an early strain of human), while ignoring the genetic impossibilities of having everyone on earth descend from just 3 couples.

Instead of an expansive system, races throughout the galaxy beyond imagining. she goes for Bad Angels vs. Good Angels. Angels which regularly turn into mosquitoes and camels. This from a woman who invented a creature that could be mistaken for a drive of dragons and gave it an angelic name. Now they’re walking around and having sex with loose women.

Oh, and let’s talk about sex for a minute. There was pretty much 0 sex in the previous books, but this book is DRENCHED in sex. For starters, all anyone wears is a loincloth–so all the women’s breasts get described. Childbirth takes place, and a baby’s head almost kills the mother. One woman is bent on seducing the twins, another falls in love with them both before being saved from the flood via Deus Ex Machina. There is SO MUCH SEX, and it feels alien to this world, uncomfortable and distracting.

Finally, there are just all these plot holes. For instance, Noah and his wife have 7 children in the book, 4 girls and 3 boys. What happens to the girls? Well, two are married and neither Noah nor his wife are remotely concerned that those girls and their children will drown. One is married to a fallen angel, so she’s all tainted and she and her baby can drown, that’s okay. Yet, they spend a ton of time worrying about the fact that their youngest daughter is not going on the arc–while never mentioning their other three daughters.

Also, at one point the twins seem to agree that, if they drown in the flood, they’ll never have been born. Which just doesn’t make sense. And the twins spend a while going on about how horrible terrorism is (in Noah’s arc times) and then start slut-shaming.


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