The Queen’s Thief and Kingmaking


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There are thousands of books about making a boy into a man. The story’s been told, a lot. But something I’ve never come across before is a story of making boys into kings.

There are four monarchs in these novels, two kings and two queens. The queens are in place from the very first novel. The kings are a very different matter. They’re young, without the slightest hint of true power and manipulation about them.

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The boys become men. They fall in love. They make unexpected and enduring friendships. And they grow into kings.

What makes a king? Maybe it’s power. The ability to understand what is power and what is not. To see when others are trying to take power from you. But in these books, those are supports–they don’t make a king in and of themselves. In fact, the queens are far better wielders of power than the kings. What makes the boys in these books kings is willingness. They must choose to be powerful. They must choose to fight for their power. To yield when necessary, to kill when necessary.

They must choose who they will be.

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