On Lyra Silvertongue


This girl is amazing.

She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s wild and glorious. She’s a delight to read about. Her reaction is never predictable, but it is always entertaining.


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For the first two books.

Then she gets boring. I remember reading the Pullman books 3 times before, and each time coming away feeling slightly bored. The brilliance of the novels is inarguable, and the characters are amazing. But, particularly in the third novel, the story starts to get wrapped up in Will–and Will just isn’t that entertaining. He doesn’t come across as vividly as the other characters. He doesn’t have the same drive, the same fire that animates everyone else. As Will becomes a more and more important character, Lyra seems to fade. By the end of the novel, she’s a pretty uninteresting adolescent.

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Click for Amazon Link

And Pullman didn’t earn the romance between Lyra and Will. He just didn’t–they bond enough for a decent friendship, but not for an epic Adam-and-Eve world-altering love affair.

Everything else about these books is so good. Will and the Lyra of the end of the books just don’t feel worthy of the brilliant little girl who started us on the road.


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