The Folk Keeper and the Mystery of Identity


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Each and every one of us learns how to construct our selves. We identify ourselves as male or female first. We are this person’s daughter, this person’s son. As we grow, we add things–we are writers, warriors, teacher, students.

In “The Folk Keeper,” we walk with a girl through the creation of her self. Everything is up for grabs, it seems. Corrinna is a cross-dressing orphan. The elements of her identity are shifting and changeable.

As she grows in this shockingly short but dense novel, she discovers what is “hers,” what she was born with. And she discovers what she wants to be. We cannot have everything–we must make our choices, must decide what is central to our identity and what we can discard. But even the most apparently final decision can shift. We are all changing, from one skin to another, all our lives.


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